August 2023

Factsheets in German and English language provide easy-to-understand summaries of the ELECTRO_COUP project

Now, at the end of the project, we have prepared two factsheets (one in German and one in English language) summarizing key findings and outcomes of the ELECTRO_COUP project. These materials offer an accessible overview of our project’s objectives and results. They are readily available for download at the following link:


In the ELECTRO_COUP project, we have developed a comprehensive policy brief that distils the main findings and policy implications of our research. Tailored for policymakers and stakeholders, this document aids in making informed decisions based on our work. You can download the policy brief at

July 2023

Presentation of ELECTRO_COUP insights at the IIOA Conference

Kurt Kratena presented the ELECTRO_COUP’s innovative approach of integrating sector coupling into the macroeconomic IO model and highlights some compelling simulation outcomes at the 29th International Input-Output Association Conference in Alghero, Italy, held from June 26th to June 30th. This conference provided an excellent platform to share our research findings and engage with fellow experts in the field of input-output analysis.




May 2023

Second ELECTRO_COUP project workshop

During the second workshop, held online on May 24th, 2023, the project team presented the comprehensive modeling results to the advisory board and a group of external experts and stakeholders.

The workshop started with an introductory overview of the ELECTRO_COUP project, presented by Andrea Frank-Stocker. Andreas Müller followed, providing a recap of the ELECTRO_COUP scenarios and detailing the changes made since the first workshop. Subsequently, a brief presentation on the LEEM model was delivered, offering valuable insights into its functioning.

The highlight of the workshop was Kurt Kratena’s presentation, where he delved into the modeling results. Following the presentations, a collaborative discussion took place, involving the expert advisory group and climate and energy policy experts. This exchange led to the identification of key recommendations for better explaining the scenario assumptions and their associated outcomes.

June 2022

First ELECTRO_COUP project workshop

The first project workshop was conducted online on June 29th, 2022, and focused on scenario development. During this session, we presented initial proposals for the scenarios and engaged in fruitful discussions with the expert panel and stakeholders who were invited to participate.

Kurt Kratena initiated the proceedings with a brief introduction to the ELECTRO_COUP project. Following that, Andrea Frank-Stocker expounded on the philosophy and underlying assumptions behind the developed ELECTRO_COUP scenarios.

The session proceeded with Andreas Müller and Kurt Kratena offering in-depth explanations of the heating and transport scenarios. Additionally, Kurt Kratena provided valuable insights into the LEEM model, specially designed to simulate the ELECTRO_COUP scenarios.

The workshop proved highly collaborative as we engaged with the expert advisory group and climate and energy policy experts. Their valuable input and feedback enriched our understanding, significantly influencing the finalization of the scenarios.