WP6: Overall project management and dissemination

Project management:

Beside preparing and delivering the final report the main task of WP 6 will be the organisation of the final project workshop. In the second workshop preliminary project results will be presented and discussed with the expert and stakeholder group.


Scientific dissemination will take place through participation in scientific events as well as through submitting journal articles. The working papers provide the basis for presentations at international conferences and the scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals. We plan to present the project results at least at two international conferences and to submit two manuscripts to international peer-reviewed journal (one methodical paper as well as one policy-oriented paper on the project results) no later than 3 months after project end. We strive for a publication of these articles within one year after project end. Possible journals include Ecological economics, Energy policy and Economic System Research.

Beside these contributions to the scientific community, we will also prepare easy-to-understand information material for the general public and policy makers. All interim and final results will briefly be outlined in comprehendible and optically appealing fact sheets. We started to prepare a first fact sheet and plan to complete it at the beginning of December 2023. The second fact sheet will provide a summary of the results of WP 4 and will be published in month 17 (February 2023). These summaries will be handed out to all involved parties and disseminated at relevant conferences and meetings as well as published on the project website.

In order to facilitate the applicability and use for policy makers our project results and policy recommendations will be summarised in a policy brief (month 18, March 2023). The wording of the policy brief will not be scientific but targeted at politics and administration as well as NGO representatives.